The role of the EEG background activity in pediatric epilepsies

October 03-07, 2023




Physicians, even when not specialized in epilepsy, have to face new-onset potentially rare, complex or drug-resistant epilepsies. EEG and Video-EEG (VEEG) are always the first diagnostic tools with history acquisition and clinical examination.


Analysis of the EEG and VEEG recordings guide both the prescription of other diagnostic investigations (neuroimaging, genetic screening) and the first treatment choices. Follow-up and treatment strategies also highly depend upon EEG and VEEG. 

This course on interactive interpretation of EEG and VEEG patterns is developed specifically for child neurologists, neurophysiologists and pediatricians caring for children with epilepsy.




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Highly experienced mentors will lead the lessons: to privilege interaction each course will be limited to 40 participants. In addition, 5 additional inscriptions will be granted to neurophysiopathology technicians. 


The course is designed in the format of practical training modules. To facilitate interaction during EEG interpretation the learners will be matched in groups of maximum 6 per 2 mentors. 

Pre-acquired basic EEG knowledge if highly recommended, but if it will be necessary one basic group of 6 learners could be formed. 


Registration will be offered on a first-come first-served basis. 





Director of the courses:
Angelo Russo, Italy


Local Organizing Committee
IRCCS, Institute of Neurological Sciences of Bologna, UOC Neuropsichiatria dell'età pediatrica (Director: Prof. Duccio Maria Cordelli)


International Scientific Committee
Giuseppe Gobbi, Italy

Alexis Arzimanoglou, France

Michael Duchowny, USA

Prasanna Jayakar, USA

Pasquale Striano, Italy

Hans Holthausen, Germany

Angelo Russo, Italy




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EPIPED COURSE on VIDEO-EEG training is an educational activity of the European Reference Network EpiCARE in partnership with the Istituto delle Scienze Neurologiche (IRCCS) – de l’AUSL de Bologna, Italy and the Paediatric Epilepsy Department of the University Hospitals of Lyon, France (HCL)

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